Apr 15, 2014

Pop of Red

Hijab: Austere Attire // Dress: Target // Vest: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: Michael Kors // Purse: H&M

I am in love with this bright red hijab I received from Austere Attire. It's so light and comfortable and perfect for more days of warm weather ahead. I highly recommend you check out their site and try a few of their hijabs because you won't be disappointed! Just a disclaimer that the material can be a little bit slippery so some people may prefer to wear a cap underneath. I actually love the material and don't find that I need to wear a cap underneath but just wanted to mention it anyway. I hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday iA :)

Apr 14, 2014

Makeup Monday: Inner Beauty

I recently saw this video on youtube and thought it was so funny/true that I had to share. Don't forget inner beauty comes before anything else :)

Apr 11, 2014

Featured Friday: Asma

Hello everyone and Jummah Mubarak! As you know, its Friday, which means it's time for Featured Friday!! I think as sisters in Islam we need to support each other as much as possible which is why I do the Featured Friday posts to just share sisters' stories from around the world. I know I have been slacking on them but I have not forgotten about it!

So to kick things back off, today I am featuring the beautiful Asma! When I want to feature someone, I ask them to send me some of their favorite outfit pictures along with a little bio about themselves along with a blurb about how they describe their style. I used to sum it up and add my comments in on the person and their style, but I think for the sake of truly getting to know the sister, from this point forward, I'm going to let you read what they sent me. I will say however, that I don't remember how I came across Asma's instagram profile, but I have been following her for quite some time and I love her style, it is so effortless, in my opinion, yet so beautiful. See what Asma has to say below!

 'Asma Bint Zorah' is the name I use in social media. It simply means: Asma, the daughter of Zorah. And I chose this name because my mother is the one who inspires me the most to be creative. 

Antwerp (Belgium) is my home town. Even though I was born and raised in Belgium, I'm very proud of my Moroccan roots (both parents immigrated from Morocco). 
What else? Hmmm... I'm 27y, I have a master in industrial engineering (biochemical) and currently working full time in a company in the port of Antwerp. Also, I'm married to my best friend, Soufiane. No kids yet. One fine day inshallah ;)

My fashion style? Well, I don't think I have a specific fashion style. I basically let my mood, the weather and the occasion inspire me to pick out my outfits. One day you'll see me wear old school and the next day a more elegant outfit. I guess I'm not a 'girly girly' kinda type, maybe more of an urban kinda one. To keep it short, I just wear whatever I find inspiring and not because others like it but rather because I like it.

You can see more of Asma's style on her BLOG!

Apr 9, 2014

The Deserts of Dubai

Hijab: Hijabi Store // Top: Forever 21 // Jeans: Nordstrom Rack

Another fun part of my trip to Dubai was the off roading excursion with my own uncle as the driver. Growing up my uncles always took us off roading in their trucks, but this was the first time I experienced it in the desert sand. It was so scary and so fun at the same time. The desert contrast between the blue skies and almost orange-ish sand is something I will always remember, SubhanAllah it was beautiful.

The hijab I'm wearing is from the Hijabi Store (linked above) and I love it because it was perfect for a desert trip. The color was bright and the coins added a bit of middle eastern feel to it. Make sure you check out their website for more of their beautiful hijabs!