'In the midst of all the glamour I hope you find God.'

About Hani Hulu

I'm an Iranian born, Michigan raised, Muslim 27 year old. I like to live my life breaking stereotypes as I think many Muslim women do. I like to prove we are not oppressed or less than others just because we are Muslim or because we cover. In reality, we are among the strongest women. I'm an accountant by day and blogger by night. I want to use this blog to share my health, fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips with others like myself.

Hani - is short for Hanyeh, pronounced similarly to 'Honey'. Hulu - in Farsi literally means 'peach' but is used as a term of endearment similar to 'sweetie'. Ever since I can remember, my mom has been calling me Hani Hulu, and that is where my blog name came from!