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Apr 20, 2012

Beauty Product Haul

Ok everyone, I finally did it. Here is my first video. I look so silly, and I'm so embarrassed to post this, but I already took two days deciding if I should or not, and I thought I might as well do it since I already recorded it. So here are some new beauty finds I love right now. Hope you enjoy!



  1. no reason to be embarrassed. I loved this video and thanks so much for sharing.. i am definitly going to try out these products that you recommended. especially the mascara!! xoxo thanks girl!

  2. You are great in front of the camera! By the way your skin looks amazing mashaAllah! Do you use any foundation or powder? Also, I have been using that same face cream for a while and I really do love it. I think it has oatmeal or something in it so it doesn't irritate your skin and actually soothes it. Elf makeup is great! Check out their website. They have a lot of things on their site that are not in Target. I got a whole brush set for really cheap and it came with the brush you showed. I love Target and seriously, like even CVS, I just love buying things even if I don't need it. Especially the makeup aisle! Great job Hanihulu ;)

  3. Atefeh, Let me know how you like the mascara!

    Lujain, I use a concealer and powder on top. If you click on the beauty tab on my page I previously posted the information of what I use. They are my all time favorite! That's great that you use this cream so I know it's good for sure and will continue using it! Elf has a lot of things online you're right! I don't need that many brushes but I saw the pack you're talking about. All their products are really a great steal.

    Thanks for the support ladies :)