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Apr 22, 2012

Gym Alternative: Hiking

Good afternoon! It's pouring rain here in the DMV which means its a perfect time to blog while snuggled under a blanket! Yesterday, I went hiking in Great Falls, VA. It's such a beautiful place and I had such a good time. We did a 5 mile hike which even involved climbing rocks. It was a great alternative to working out at the gym and much more exciting! I wish I lived closer to the falls so I could hike there all the time. The scenery is so beautiful and there are so many different trails you can take. I wore my new running shoes which I shouldn't have because the trail was a bit ruff for them but next time I'll wear my old gym shoes instead.

Driving with the top down on the way to Great Falls. It was such a beautiful day, mA.


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  1. Can we make a day out of this?? I really need to get my heart pumping and breathe in some nice air!