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Apr 30, 2012

I Left My Heart in Dubai

Hey everyone!! I'm sorry for not blogging in so long, I've been busy with finals and hanging out with friends for the last few weeks that I'll be living in the DMV. I thought I'd do an update on my amazing trip to Duabi over winter break. Dubai shopping is like none other, although it is relatively expensive, I found some great deals. The great part about the UAE is that their clothing has a lot of modest styles since it is a heavily Muslim populated country. I was able to buy a lot of long skirts and my main goal was to find my graduation dress there, which I did. You will see that after I graduate Insha'Allah (God Willing). Here are some of my favorite shots:

These shots were at the Jumeirah Beach next to where we were staying.
Burj Al Arab
My brother and I at the airport
My dad and I waiting for the fountain show
My favorite night in Duabi at an amazing Thai restaurant at Madinat Jumeirah
My brother at my favorite coffee shop called Shakespeare, the inside was so cute
Inside Burj Al Arab
I wanted this so bad! This store had the cutest jewelry and clothes!
I loved this ring but it was about $300.. way too expensive!
The view from Al Muntaha, the restaurant at the top of Burj Al Arab

I hope you enjoyed these pics, Dubai is such a beautiful place and the shopping was ridiculous! God Bless my brother for enduring so many hours of shopping with me! I was happy to find my graduation dress finally, and I can't wait to wear it!


  1. Love this post! Dubai was so much fun! cant wait to go again!

  2. Gorgeous photos mashaAllah! I love the bag that says "I am fantastic not plastic." LOL

  3. InshaAllah we can go again ASAP!