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May 29, 2012

Graduation Fun

Finally I've gotten around to updating on graduation. Unfortunately my brothers laptop was stolen so all the really funny photo booth pictures are gone :( but we still had some pictures from the ceremony and party. Please pray the laptop gets returned to us somehow! The party was so busy and I'm such a stickler for perfection that I kept setting things up and I barely took any single nice shots of my dress! IA I'll be doing that another day. But for now here are some of the other shots. I bought my dress in Dubai and I got it because I loved the fit, it was long sleeves and it matched my hood colors. I kept everything else to a minimum since the dress was printed. I wore a black hijab, black heels and my only jewelry was a gold ring with sapphires on it that my mom got from my aunt at her wedding.
My dad and my relatives overseas were watching graduation online live, had to got a shot of my hat on the big screen for my dad to see!
My Brothers :) So happy they surprised me and both made it even though they are so busy with school. (Hence the notes in his hand haha) 
 My mom went all out and made all this amazing Persian food! It was soooo good!

Nachos with mango salsa & hummus and pita chip shots.
My boss for the past 4 years, but more like my sister got me this lovely frame for my diploma.

Yogurt and fruit cups & cookie and milk shots. 

It was hard not to eat all of these when we made them the night before.

Georgetown cupcakes: red velvet, cookies & cream with mint frosting and their seasonal hummingbird. 
Thats home made persian ice cream in the cups I made the night before :)
Calculator cupcakes since I'm an accounting major with a green H for Hanyeh :)


  1. Gosh I wanna hire whoever it was that took these photos.. i know for a fact my siblings would have screwed that up on my graduation day lol
    Anywho, congrats fellow accounting major !

  2. Congrats on graduating! Everything looked beautiful mA!