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Aug 11, 2012

Beauty Is Her Name

If you ask me who is the most beautiful person I know, I will without a doubt immediately tell you Zainab. The funny part about it though, is I speak of her inner beauty. Her outer beauty, which is in abundance, Masha'Allah, does NO justice to her inner beauty. I have been blessed to know her for many years, and I can easily say she is one of a kind. The most kind hearted, gentle, talented, loving, funny, sincere, hardworking person I know. The list goes on and on. Anyone who crosses her path can easily say the same things I am saying after only spending a couple hours with her. I however, have been blessed to experience many years with her, and for that I am truly thankful. 

Not only is Zainab blessed with amazing looks, she is also blessed with the talent of art. She has amazing painting and drawing skills and I'll never forget on her wedding day she even took the time to do my henna! This girl is one of a kind! Her Arabic calligraphy speaks for itself, and her other paintings are phenomenal. You can visit her facebook art page here. She takes custom orders if you're interested so please make sure to support our sister in her amazing talent!

In addition to her paintings, Zainab, extends her love of art through fashion. She is always wearing vibrant colors as well as finding new styles of wearing her hijab. She was even featured in an article about her many hijab styles. You can see the article here. She is a tall girl Masha'Allah, but she never hesitates to wear a fierce pair of high heels. She has the most fun sense of style I've ever seen and as you'll see in the following pictures, her beauty is effortless, Masha'Allah. 

I thank you Zainab, for allowing me to have a post featuring you, and I thank you for showing me that true friends do exist. XO.


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