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Sep 14, 2012

Custom Jewelry

Hey all! So I've been enjoying my time off for now and I wanted to share with you all my cousins jewelry. Her items are so unique and unlike other things you find in stores. She puts so much time and effort in her jewelry and she only makes a few of each so if you buy anything you're one of few to own it! Her etsy page can be found here. Here are some of her items:

Three stone ring
Skull bracelet
Hamsa and stone necklace
Skull and chains necklace
Hamsa bracelet
Spike bracelet
Bullet necklace with swarovski crystals and chains
Hijab pins

There are many more items on her Etsy page. Also, it's good to note that all her beads, stones and jewels are great quality and some from overseas making them that much more rare. Enjoy, and if you buy anything send me a picture of your outfit wearing it and I'll post it on my blog! Here page can be found here again.

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