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Nov 4, 2012

Spoken Word & Fashion

This past Friday I went to the Temple MSA Eid event. It was full of very nicely dressed ladies so I thought I'd take a few shots to feature them on my blog. There was a variation of cultural and personal styles that I wanted to capture. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who let me take their pictures! There was also a spoken word performance by the beautiful Kashmir Maryam. I was able to talk to her after the performance, and she is truly the biggest sweetheart I ever met! You can follow her written poetry blog here


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  1. Omg. I've been reading your blog non stop for the past three days (when a friend told me about it) and the entire time me for some I couldn't stop thinking about one of my best friends, Nejat, who I think has amazing hijabi style. I think something about you reminded me of her and I was going to tell her about your blog.... And then BAM. I come across this post... Nejat is the first girl featured in this post! I just graduated from Temple! Too bad that was the ONE event I happened to miss!