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Jan 8, 2013

Muslim Women, Struggles of Hijab

Recently on Instagram, I've seen a lot of Muslim sisters 'going at it' about the things each other do and the clothes they wear. Unfortunately, these days Muslim sisters are not supporting each other as they should, but rather being critical and judgmental of each other. Hijab is not an easy task, and instead of being critical of each other, I think we should aim support each other. I understand these sisters are just trying to advise one another of the 'correct' guidelines of Hijab in Islam, but unfortunately it does not come off that way but rather it comes off as offensive and judgemental. Today, more than ever, I feel like it is very difficult to be a Hijabi. Each girl has their own struggles and battles that they deal with while trying to maintain their Hijab. In order to continue to grow as one Ummah, I think we need to be a little more supportive of each other and let God do the judging. One simple comment or reaction can steer someone in the total opposite direction and discourage them from wearing Hijab. This is not what we want, rather we should support all who are trying to do their best in wearing the Hijab and even support those who don't wear it or decide to take it off. We are sisters in Islam regardless of if we wear Hijab or not.

I like this video because it goes along the lines of something my brother and his friends call 'hijabi props'. He told me that him and his friends have noticed that a lot of girls are starting to take off their hijabs and that they wondered if it is because they are not getting the type of attention that they want from men, and if that was at any amount a part of the reason, that they felt guilty for it. They come up with the idea of 'hijabi props' as a platonic way of telling a hijabi you look great and that you have their support.The idea is to be supportive and give compliments in a non-creepy way. I think this video should be the anthem of their idea!

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