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Jan 31, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday: Quote of the Day

Good Morning everyone! I've decided to start a new 'trend' for my blog. Thursdays will be 'Thoughtful Thursdays'. This will include inspirational quotes, answers to any questions you might have of me and occasionally it will be 'Tutorial Thursdays' including videos and such. This is still a growing idea for me, so please feel free to comment any suggestions or ideas you may have!

Source: khadimulquran

I picked today's quote as a reminder that we must strive to just do our best and that perfection is not necessarily ideal. As long as we are trying our best, we can at least say we gave it our all and be satisfied. This is great for a Thursday because after a long week of work, school or whatever it may be that you do throughout the week, it may be hard to stay positive and motivated to continue to give your all. This is just a reminder to keep pushing through! I know this week has been hard for me personally since I've been traveling for work and working long days. It's a personal struggle to get used to the demanding needs of my job and the hours that it requires and adjusting from the former 'college life' of napping between classes and having more free time, etc. I hope this helps motivate those of you who may also be in a trying situation. 


  1. thank you for the much needed motivation:)

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