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Mar 2, 2013

Style Saturday: Keeping it Simple

Goooooooood Afternoon lovely people! I'm so happy it's Saturday! Last night I stayed up till 2 AM doing nothing really but because I didn't have to be up for work, I just enjoyed being able to stay up late. I however still woke up at 6:45, ate breakfast, and went to the gym, which is insane! Anyways, today's post is meant to provide some simple guidance for what I call Hijabi 101- The Basics. Clashing outfits is something that is painful for me to see, so I wanted to share a simple method to help prevent clashing!

Keeping It Simple

Exhibit Number 1: When you are wearing a solid colored top/outfit, you should pair it with a printed hijab to add a little fun to the outfit. Of course you can still pair a solid top/outfit with another solid color hijab as well, this won't cause clashing, but it can be a little plain which is why I suggest adding a patterned hijab.

Exhibit Number 2: When you are wearing a patterned top/outfit, you should pair it with a solid hijab to prevent clashing! Mixing too many patterns and prints can be distracting and ruin an otherwise cute outfit.

Don't get me wrong, mixing prints and patterns in certain situations can be very cute but it can go wrong quickly so I suggest mastering Hijabi 101- The Basics before heading into mixing and matching patterns!

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