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Apr 8, 2013

Fashion Fighting Famine

The 2013 Fashion Fighting Famine show held in Irvine, CA was a night to remember. Not only is Fashion Fighting Famine the largest Muslim designer fashion show, it also supports different charities every year by donating 25% of the proceeds. A night full of so many talented designers, beautiful ladies and great company. Making the trip to Cali all the way from Philly was definitely worth it, and I'm going to make sure all my East coast ladies plan ahead to attend the 2014 show. The event started with a pre-show bazaar followed by the fashion show and then the post-show bazaar. I was so consumed with running around taking pictures with my brother that I didn't get a chance to head to the bazaar till after the fashion show. For those of you who were there, you saw me walking around with a big tall guy with a lot of hair, that is my brother. He was the photographer for the night both for the show and for me, haha. Here are some pictures from the event, if you save any of these pictures and share them elsewhere, I just ask that you caption it with my website please as my brother worked hard to get these pictures for my blog. Thank you!
The most beautiful pregnant woman I ever saw, the always fashionable Mariam!
It was lovely seeing Malihe who is basically my cousin! :)
The oh so fashionable and talented Marwa from Vela Scarves. 
The beautiful Imaan who is the brains behind The Hijab Blog.
I promised I would write that this beautiful lady on the left is the mother of this lovely girl. I'm sorry I didn't get your names!
Two of the 3 stooges that sat behind me during the fashion show and had the best commentary of all time. These girls were the best!
The lovely Imaan again, with Aysun and Yaz the Spaz!
Some of our family friends who moved to Cali and left us in boring Philly! 
Sanah Rashid of ModHijabi!
With the amazingly talented Yuna Zarai. If you follow me on keek you'll see a video of her performance. My keek name is HaniHulu.
With the gorgeous WinnieDetwa & Linda. Michigan in the house REPRESENT! 
The lovely NuraLailaLuv- this girl is the cutest and her baby mA is so adorable! 
My mini me- Yasamine
Winnie in the middle of an interview- I had to post this she has such a bright smile mA
Featured runway designers- Nisaa Boutique and Shop Rayan.
The beautiful Alaa from Hausofblush and the lovely ladies from Simply Zeena.
Yuna & Sania from Simply Covered
 The sweetest Amena of PearlDaisy. I could talk to her for hours!
Amena with Hijab-ista!
With the lovely coordinators of this whole event, Asmaa and Nida!
Another friend who left the East coast for the beautiful Cali living, Samaneh!
My favorite outfit of the night because this beautiful young lady made the skirt herself and the colors and accessories she paired it with were perfect!
Some last minute fun with my brother.
After an hour of calling nail salons all around, I finally found one lovely lady that happened to be open on Easter Sunday. She did a great job on my tribal nails and was such a nice lady!

I hope to see you all at the 2014 show!


  1. Loved reading this post. Made me feel like I was there. You looked amazing and stood out!

  2. wow! looks like you had a lot of fun and I have to confess I am super jealous you got to meet all these amazing girls :)

  3. hehe love all the pics! I just saw you caught the picture of me and Yuna! hehe love it:) lovely meeting you!