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Apr 29, 2013

Makeup Monday: Eyelash Curler

So many times I've seen girls with the most amazing, long eyelashes, but they don't get shown off because they're not curled! I use an eyelash curler every day regardless of if I'm doing full face makeup or not. I always curl my eyelashes because it gives a simple look to a clean eye or dramatizes fully done eyes. Any eyelash curler will get the job done, I don't necessarily think paying more for certain ones makes a difference in the finished look. I have seen heated eyelash curlers which in theory would be great, but I've never tried one, so if you have let me know if you think it's better than regular eyelash curlers! Using the eyelash curler is simple, I normally use it as the second to last step in my makeup routine. I first curl the eyelashes using the curler, then apply my mascara. Sometimes after my mascara has dried, I'll curl my eyelashes one more time for a fuller effect. 

I thought this was cute haha



  1. I love eyelash curlers...and love my heated one, the Hot Lashes heated lash curler. comes with a 2 piece system and a small pink heater that heats just the black pad in the 24k gold plated curler,,my lashes stay curled for days...love this and oh my your eyes look great~! hope this helps...madison

  2. ahhh and they have a website of same name..Hotlashes again my rave~