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Jul 10, 2013

Ramadan Random Acts of Kindness 2013

Ramadan Mubarak to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters celebrating this beautiful month! This year some of my good friends and I were talking about different things we could do this month to make an impact in our own lives as well as those in our community. Take about 5 minutes from your day to watch this video and share it with those in your community so Insha'Allah we can spread the word and create a more fulfilling Ramadan for all.

 It takes 30 days to make a lasting habit- and Ramadan being a month long is a great time to instill a new habit in your life that will benefit you even long after Ramadan is over. A few habits we talked about include:
-praying your prayers on time
-smiling/saying hello more often to strangers in passing
-reading a few pages of the Quran after every prayer
-not rushing through wudu or prayers
-working on clearing your mind during prayers
-saying thank you more often
-holding the door
-complimenting others

In addition to creating new habits for ourselves, it's a great month to help those in our community. The goal is to at least commit to one act of kindness this Ramadan to help those in this month of giving as well as giving a good light on Islam. There are endless acts of kindness but a few that I like a lot are:
-paying off toys that are on layaway at a store
-creating bags for the homeless filled with essentials (see an example list below)
-taking flowers to the hospital
-leaving the mailman a gift in your mailbox
-leaving change in vending machines for the next person
-leave dollar bills between things at the dollar store
-giving gift certificates to grocery stores for those using food stamps

These are just some of the things we can do, please share your thoughts and ideas so that we can make this the best event ever. Share this video and post and help make this an easy way we can give during this beautiful month and help ourselves grow as well as those around us.

Homeless Bags:
Socks, Tissues, Rain Poncho, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Bottled Water, Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Hand Sanitizer, Deodorant, Etc.


  1. Masha2 Allah, I love this post very much. Thank you sister for this powerful post. Praying on time and clearing my mind during salah are the areas i need to improve.

    May Allah accept our fasting ... Ameen.


  2. Now that i'm watching this video i just realized how much i have missed you ! Ramadan kareem dear , and i hope we have a Ramadan together soon , btw u forgot to mention one tip : do not forget Faeze in your prayers :D Love u <3