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Oct 3, 2013

Meen Motor Sports Race Day


About two weeks ago, my brother, the "the KG Crew" and I attended the AMA Pro Race in New Jersey to support my cousins race team, Meen Motor Sports. I was the umbrella girl for the team, and for those of you who don't know what an umbrella girl does, it's just as it sounds- the girl who holds the umbrella. Basically, once the riders line up on the track, there are "umbrella girls" that hold umbrellas over the rider until right before the race starts. The thing about umbrella girls is that they're usually very 'lightly' clothed in order to increase the viewers and attention just like football has cheerleaders. I however, was a hijabi umbrella girl, and although I did wear my highest heels (not pictured), I was fully clothed in all black with a long cardigan and I still got the job done- I held the umbrella for the rider :) I got to hang out in the pit with the team while my brother and the KG Crew were cheering on the team from the stands with the best posters! Meen Motor Sport's rider Jake Lewis placed second and also ended the season winning rookie of the year! Hopefully next year more people can come out to watch and support, it is really so exciting to watch these races in person and meet the riders. Make sure you check out the KG Crew's music video from the weekend below. It was a lot of fun to finally be a part of one of their videos, these girls are so much fun, and they did such a great job on the video!


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  1. You are so beautiful, not only physically but it's amazing how your love for family extends even to your cousins, and to have an active role in supporting your cousin and your family!

    Take care!