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May 1, 2014

Bloggers at Dubai Ladies Club

And of course everyone knows Nura of Babylailalov
Saufeeya, Me and Iman of The Hijab Blog

My baby cousin, Zaynab. She will always be the baby to me even though she's so grown up! mA

One of the two amazing organizers of this event: Mara Mostafa 

I was so happy to be at this event with my cousins Zaynab & Autefeh :)

The pictures above were all my own, the below are from the event photographer :)

 With Deanna of Abaya Addict, the amazing organizer of this event.

I am so excited to finally share pictures from the Bloggers Meet & Greet at the Dubai Ladies Club, in Dubai back in December. This event came about originally as I reached out to Deanna of Abaya Addict about having a Meet & Greet for Nura of Babylailaluv and I, as we were in town doing some modeling. Deanna joined forces with Mara of Electric Firefly and put on one of the most amazing events I've ever been to! To start off, the beautiful location could not have been topped anywhere else- beach side at the Dubai Ladies club, enjoying the company of bloggers, designers and vendors from all around the Gulf, America and UK. I have to admit, a few of us snuck off to the beach at one point, kicked off ours heels, dug our feet in the sand and watched the amazing sun set. The event was full of amazing treats that to this day I still wish I ate more of. Bloggers even went home with an amazing gift bag full of goodies like chocolates, hijabs, Abaya Addict dresses, coupons, makeup and much, much more. Click here to see more pictures from the event photographer! I can't wait to hopefully be a part of the next event! iA


  1. You're the best Hani :D ... as always

  2. These guys know what they are doing! Their food is interesting and delicious - not boring wedding food, but elegant, fresh, American-Italian cuisine.