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May 27, 2014

Fashion Fighting Famine 2014

 My good friend Nadia also came to the event. East Coasters unite!

 My little fashionista Yasamine!

 Favorite look #1 - Gown by Artizara
 Favorite Look #2 - Kaftan by Glimmer
 Favorite Look #3 - Sequins Gown by Yuna Zarai

 MonAmour Collection had the most adorable display!

My best friend Fati was photographing the event but we had to take pics together!

Dress: Laylee Moda // Hijab & Necklace: H&M // Heels: Zara

This past Saturday I attended the 7th Annual Fashion Fighting Famine fashion show in Anaheim, California. I was selected to be a red carpet correspondent which included interviewing designers, guests and panelists throughout the days' events. I have to start by commending the FFF team for including the #ChallengeBeauty series this year. The Challenge Beauty Series is a talk show featuring panelists of various backgrounds discussing topics related to women's empowerment. It aims to foster conversation around how beauty is constructed socially and commercially, and how various women relate to and experience these constructions in their daily lives. This portion of the event was very interesting and eye-opening to hear the stories of the panelists and how they challenge beauty every day in their lives. I had to write down some of my favorite quotes from this event to share with my readers. 

One of the panelists mentioned that her parents always told her if she pursued a certain type of career, that she would be un-marriageable. So the host posed the question, does pursuing your dreams make you un-marriageable? To which panelist, Ayesha Mattu (author of 'Love, Inshallah') responded, "Yes, to a certain type of man and family." This really hit home as a lot of people in our culture are always looking for the same cookie cutter woman or man and have certain expectations for their careers in order to be marriageable. This is something I think women are challenging every day as we are going into all types of careers now and if a man an his family can't accept your career choices, then he just isn't the one for you.

Another topic that came up in discussion was about men being intimidated by women who pursue their goals and dreams. Panelist, Maryam Amireibrahimi, responded "Men said they were intimidated by me and I said, Are you so insecure of yourself that you are intimidated by a woman who is sure of herself and who she is?" This was such a catching quote to me because I really think that it's a shame when men are intimidated by successful and powerful women. We are in 2014, we should really be encouraging each other to be the best in all aspects of life regardless of all else.

These were just a few of many great comments that came about during the FFF Challenge Beauty series, and I hope that the FFF program continues to include this segment for years to come because it really is a necessary dialogue. Through my interviews and conversations after this portion of the show, it was perceived very well by the audience and something that there is a need for.

Now the night wouldn't be complete without the Fashion Show of course, and I have included my top 3 favorite looks above! There were many gorgeous looks throughout the night, and the models did a great job working all the outfits! 

Sorry for the length of this post, but I could NOT narrow down the pictures of my outfit! I modeled this dress for LayleeModa in Dubai and fell in love instantly. I was so excited to wear it to FFF and it really was a hit! So many people complimented me on it, even though I couldn't take the credit for it! This shimmery silver tutu style dress is very comfortable which is what I love most about it. It's very easy to move around in and it really shows very well for any event. Last I heard there was only 2 left, so make sure you head over to LayleeModa and get your hand on one while you can, especially now as they're having a sale!

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