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Jun 12, 2014

Arima Tank Review

Tank: Arima Designs // Jeans & Cardigan: H&M // Sneakers: Converse

If you are someone who loves a good graphic tee or tank, like me, you will love the array of designs by Arima Designs. I first came across their work at FFF and got to meet the lovely lady behind it, Thoraya. I instantly connected with her and fell in love with so many of the designs they had on display. I finally picked this face art tank because I thought it was so unique and fun- hijabi related and spunky at the same time. I love when I'm able to meet the creator behind a design because it makes it that much more personal to me. Make sure to support a great company and check out their Etsy to get your hands on one of their designs! Also follow them on Instagram!!

Side note: while in San Diego, Fati took me to Darband for some amaaaazzingggg Iranian food, I had to share the pictures, I'm sorry if you're now salivating behind your computer screen. Then we found a really cool graffiti area with this 'San Diego Lowrider Council' backdrop. Loved it!

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  1. Darband is by far THE BESTTTT Iranian restaurant ever ever. Reminds me of straight up being in Iran. Miss that place so much! If you're there in SD by chance during Ramadan, go for Iftar... you will be AMAZED.

    Also, love the tank!