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Jun 5, 2014

Picnic at the Beach

Skirt: South Moon Under // Top: H&M // Hijab: Nordstrom Rack // Necklace: Vintage Iran

Photography by Fatima S. Photography

This is probably my favorite post to date if you couldn't already tell by the amount of pictures I posted! My best friend Fati and I spent a day on Coronado beach for a little fun in the sun and picnic. This beach was amazing because it was less crowded and had more privacy than other beaches. We of course couldn't forget about desert which consisted of milk and cookies!! I had so much fun and the weather was just amazing. PS. How CUTE is the picnic basket and milk jug Fati has?? ADORBS!!


  1. When you're not looking ... im going to sneak up to your basket and steal the milk bottle :D