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Nov 2, 2014

Noora Hefzi Ensemble

Top & Skirt: Noora Hefzi // Heels: Dubai // Purse: Tory Burch

When I came across Noora Hefzi, I fell in loveeeeeeeeeeeee with her designs instantly. She has such a unique and distinct look and it screams 'Hanyeh' all over it. I love love love her socialite line. When I found out she could make a custom top for me with long sleeves, I was thrilled and ecstatic. When I finally received the outfit from Noora, based in Dubai, I was completely blown away. The crop top and high waisted skirt never looked so good if you ask me. She was nice enough to send another look as well, which I can't wait to share with you guys as soon as I find the perfect place to wear it to! Make sure you head over to her website and check out all the awesome designs she has to offer. I'm sure she would be flexible in adding sleeves for others who want it! :)

And I can't forget to credit the photographer, the ever so talented Farha of Farha Ali Photography! 

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