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Nov 28, 2014

Thanksgiving - Giving

This thanksgiving, I decided to give back to those in need. I decided since I wasn't celebrating with family or friends this year, I wanted to give back to those who were alone and may not feel like they have much to be thankful for. I decided to make bags full of goodies to hand out to the homeless around Philadelphia. I had so many things I wanted to include in the bag, but I had to stop somewhere. This is what my bag included:

-Extra Long Socks
-Toe Warmers
-Antibacterial Wipes
-2 PB&J Sandwiches
-2 Chewy Bars

I really wanted to include poncho's and hand warmers but the store was out when I went shopping. Nonetheless, I was very satisfied with the items I chose. Handing these out on thanksgiving, was such a great experience. There was one person who was sleeping and I just placed the bag next to him, and when I happened to drive past him again about 20 minutes later, he was eating one of the sandwiches. As I drove off from handing the bags out, I would look in my rear view, and the excitement I saw from these homeless men and women was so gratifying. I could go on and on about why this is such a great thing to do, but even after I did it, the sense of fulfillment I felt was greater than I expected. I highly encourage you all to do something to help those in need at any time, it doesn't have to just be thanksgiving. Everyone deserves compassion, no matter what they did to get where they are.



  1. What the right hand gives, the left hand should not know. Allah rewards handsomely to those who give in silent.

    1. The purpose of me sharing this post is to encourage others to do something to also give back to those in need. Since I have such a platform that I can hopefully reach to others to encourage them into doing something good like this, I am taking the opportunity to share what I did for that reason. So if you think I am not going to be rewarded for what I did because I shared my story, I think you're wrong. I think encouraging at least one person to also help from a post like this is a good enough reward to me. If you would like to discuss this any further, please email me at hanihulu@gmail.com, no need to anonymously find fault in what I'm trying to do to spread goodness. Thanks for your input though, I'm sure it came from a good place.

  2. You give a good example of Muslims. Now there's someone who spent their Thanksgiving wisely! Hehe I watched Disney all day :)

  3. Mersi for posting this, Hani! This is a wonderful idea and you have definitely encouraged at least one person to do something similar! :)

  4. Lovely little bag. It's great how you included hand wipes and a toothbrush.