'In the midst of all the glamour I hope you find God.'

Mar 16, 2015

Butterfly Pastels

Hijab, Sweater, Pants: H&M // Heels: Charlotte Russe // Purse: Marshalls // Ring: J.Crew

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my blog! I can still remember the day I was sitting on my futon in my college apartment when I decided to start my blog! It's been a fun journey, I designed my own blog and did all the coding and layout setup myself. I take major pride in that I've maintained my blog even after I've started my demanding career and been working for almost 2.5 years! I can't believe how time flies and I hope I've been able to inspire or encourage others to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Thank you to those who have been along with me on this journey, either from the start or from any point forward, I appreciate all the support!

For this post, I wanted to do a spring inspired outfit since the persian new year (first day of spring) is only 4 days away! 

Make sure you follow my Instagram as I will be posting my 3 year giveaway tomorrow! Got some goodies in store for you all! 


  1. salam! you are such a beautiful women <3 and omgggg love all the pastels. the bag is spot on too. I stumbled across your blog off another bloggers site who was featuring you I think. you have a lovely blog :)


  2. hi
    can i talk to you in viber or something like that
    where we can talk online ?
    i dont wanna disturb
    just wanna talk about something that i think important for u
    as a muslim girl
    some advise
    if you wanna listen to me
    send some letter to my yahoo account

    have a good time miss hanie :)
    and happy new year

    ( please don't share this message as a online show )

  3. hi miss hanie
    i send an email to u
    but i think
    you forgot to see that :)