'In the midst of all the glamour I hope you find God.'

Feb 3, 2016

Paisley Pinks

Salamsssss everyone. I know it's been FOREVER... the last time I posted was literally LAST YEAR. I was completely consumed in purchasing my first home back in Novemeber and then I went to Iran for a month to visit my dad and extended family. I made the conscious decision to sit out on blogging/vlogging while there and fully invested myself into the trip (with the exception of a little instagram-ing). I spent quality time with my dad and also spent a lot of time in the gym which was quite the experience... (my first time in an all women's gym and being able to workout without my hijab). When I got back from my trip, it was straight into busy season at work, and here I am now.. finally doing a post! As some of you know, snow storm Jonas hit hard during my birthday weekend but my girls threw me a little get together brunch the next weekend to celebrate turning 26! The weather was great in the mid 50's so I was able to get away with wearing some 'lighter' clothes with a light coat on top. I can't believe I'm 26 but I've accomplished a lot Alh. and my most recent accomplishment that I'm most proud of is buying my first house :).. it's a bit of a fixer upper but I'm looking forward to hopefully sharing a little bit of my home style with you all in the future :)

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