Nov 29, 2012

Pretty in Purple

Today was a ruffle day, this is one of my favorite dresses I bought a few years ago from forever 21. Now that it's definitely boot season, I love wearing dresses with boots. Since I'm consumed with work these days, I'm going to try to take more outfit shots from when I get home from work. Enjoy :)
Dress: Forever 21 // Boots: Bakers

Nov 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Foodie

 I hope you all had a great thanksgiving! I had a great one which involved a lot of time spent in the kitchen! I made mini apple and pumpkin pies, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, red lobster biscuits, feta dip, and veggie pot pie all from scratch! Needless to say it was a long day of cooking and baking, but it was well worth it! We happen to have only lady guests, so I didn't have to wear hijab, but I included a quick shot of my outfit! Enjoy :)

Nov 18, 2012

Hani Hulu via the Office

Hey all! So I just started my full time job as a tax accountant a few weeks ago and I thought it would be nice to share some of my outfits from work. Our attire at work is business casual and I love it because most of my style fits into that category anyways once I wear dress pants instead of jeans. I also love wearing heels so it works out well!

Nov 14, 2012

November Glam Bag Goodies

Hey all! I hope everyone has been well and for those of you who experienced sandy I hope you're well. This is just gonna be a quick post on my November glam/ipsy bag. I was really excited to get it yesterday because I use the eyeliner and mascara from the last bag every day! This month the bag wasn't as cute, just a plain brown bag with eyeliner, lipgloss, nail polish, mascara and an eyeshadow. 

Nov 4, 2012

Spoken Word & Fashion

This past Friday I went to the Temple MSA Eid event. It was full of very nicely dressed ladies so I thought I'd take a few shots to feature them on my blog. There was a variation of cultural and personal styles that I wanted to capture. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who let me take their pictures! There was also a spoken word performance by the beautiful Kashmir Maryam. I was able to talk to her after the performance, and she is truly the biggest sweetheart I ever met! You can follow her written poetry blog here