Apr 29, 2013

California Love: Part II

This wedding was probably the most gorgeous wedding I've ever been to. Not just because it was my cousins wedding or because we were overlooking the beach, but the decor to every little detail was spectacular. I give major props to my cousin who planned everything herself because it looked amazing. The ceremony was held outside on the lawn which included the traditional persian sofreh. The officiating of the ceremony was by one of our relatives which was a great personal touch. After the ceremony, there was a break for hors d'oeuvres on the patio and then we moved inside for dinner which was in a beautifully set up and decorated room in all white with the view of the ocean which was especially beautiful while the sun was setting. After dinner, we spent the night dancing away which is always the best part of a wedding! My dress is from Mango Dubai and it was originally sleeveless but my moms friend sewed sleeves for it and I added bead work on the cuffs. I paired the blue with orange lipstick, nails and shoes and I loved the way the colors clashed.
My brothers and I- the only pic we took together haha

Makeup Monday: Eyelash Curler

So many times I've seen girls with the most amazing, long eyelashes, but they don't get shown off because they're not curled! I use an eyelash curler every day regardless of if I'm doing full face makeup or not. I always curl my eyelashes because it gives a simple look to a clean eye or dramatizes fully done eyes. Any eyelash curler will get the job done, I don't necessarily think paying more for certain ones makes a difference in the finished look. I have seen heated eyelash curlers which in theory would be great, but I've never tried one, so if you have let me know if you think it's better than regular eyelash curlers! Using the eyelash curler is simple, I normally use it as the second to last step in my makeup routine. I first curl the eyelashes using the curler, then apply my mascara. Sometimes after my mascara has dried, I'll curl my eyelashes one more time for a fuller effect. 

I thought this was cute haha

Apr 28, 2013

Sunday Funday

For a good laugh:

For the home:
Huge Picture Frame

For a Fun Look:
Bright Colors

For a Sunday project:
Knobs as Necklace Holders

For a Sunday Treat:
Two eggs + 1 banana = pancakes!

Apr 26, 2013

Featured Friday: Aasiyah

Today I'm featuring Aasiyah. She's a New York native in Med School who started with love for makeup and then venturing into fashion. I love Aasiyah's style because she does a little bit of everything from the chic girls night out style to the grungy casual look as well as embracing her cultural style. She also reminds me of me because she said she used to be a tomboy and I was too until I met the girliest of girly best friend a girl could have!

Apr 24, 2013

California Love: Part 1

I'm sad to say I'm back from beautiful California and back to reality. It was a short but fun four days of what feels like only eating but of course the main event, my cousins wedding. The first night we arrived there was a welcome reception at a beautiful hotel in La Jolla. After the event we went to dinner and dessert at Ghirardelli, so yummy! I was so excited to get to the event and see everyone that I forgot to take my camera, so these pictures are from my cousins and my cell phone. I wore a black and creme cut out Rachel Roy cocktail dress.