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Aug 19, 2013

Hijabi Formal Wear

Wedding season is in full blast right now, and I have been MIA as I look for the perfect dresses for one of my best friends wedding this coming weekend. Finding the perfect look for one night is hard enough, but having to find two dresses for two nights of wedding bliss has been a real fiasco! This inspired this post on hijabi formal wear. This is the motto I have always lived by:

1. When wearing a dress with any type of sleeves, I usually wear a long sleeve turtle neck shirt underneath and wear my hijab tied back. You can also wear the dress with a normal long sleeve shirt and your hijab down, but the key point here is wearing a shirt underneath to show the straps of the dress. This creates a fluid look because the sleeves flow with the straps and it looks like a one piece dress.

2.When wearing a sleeveless dress, I wear a cardigan on top with my hijab worn down as usual. The reason I don't wear long sleeves under a strapless dress is because I feel like it makes the outfit look choppy since you can see exactly where the dress ends and the long sleeve shirt begins. Wearing a cardigan on top creates an illusion allowing the outfit to flow better.

I have always stuck to this routine and I think that it always gives an elegant end result. I can't wait to share my final looks after this weekends events!


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