'In the midst of all the glamour I hope you find God.'

Aug 27, 2013

Wedding Weekend Part 1

Dress: Adrianna Papell via Nordstrom // Hijab: Nordstrom // Sleeves: H&M

I can't believe the weekend flew by so quickly and another one of my best friends is married mA! The first night of festivities was the Mendhi which involved, music, dancing and of course food! I was able to stop and get some quick shots of my outfit before the party started and I got a few shots with my lovely Zainab who always looks so beautiful, I was loving her kaftan!

I immediately fell in love with this dress I called my 'Gatsby' dress because it reminded me of the dresses from the movie and I began my hunt on hijabi-fying it immediately. I loved the open back and cap sleeves and I wanted to make sure I showed off these details in my final look. In my previous post on Hijabi Formal Wear here, I explained the routine I stick by for Hijabi Formal Wear. I didn't want to cover up the details of the dress by wearing a cardigan on top, so I wore a long sleeve shirt underneath to place focus on the beauty of the design of the dress. It wasn't an easy task to find the right color for my sleeves and hijab, but after a few long trips to the mall, I found the perfect items! Alh.

Stay tuned for Wedding Weekend part two!



  1. Wow you really just blow money on clothes like it's nothing. A $300 dress? That's the definition of israaf. If you are rich why not use that money to benefit others who have much less than you? And why do you compromise your deen just for the sake of looking good? Most of your pants are skin tight, do your hijab right please. Ittaqillah.

    1. Next time you have comments like that I would appreciate it if you could email me privately rather than anonymously commenting. You have no idea what my financial situation is or what I may or may not be spending/doing for the benefit of others, so I would appreciate it if you did not judge me and come to such conclusions without knowing anything about me and my private matters. Thank you for your feedback however, I am always growing and trying to be a better hijabi and will continue to work towards that as I should be. Insha'Allah we can all grow to be better Muslims and grow closer to Allah and do what pleases him.