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Sep 4, 2013

Wedding Weekend Part 2

Dress: Nordstrom // Hijab: Nordstrom // Sleeves: H&M // Heels: Charlotte Russe

The second night of events was the Nikkah/Wedding. It was a lot of fun for me because Zainab and I got to spend some time with Alia while she finished getting ready for the night. When it was time for the bride to finally enter the hall, we walked Alia in with her family and gave her away to her groom waiting on the beautiful stage. The gold and purple themed backdrop was amazing from the fabrics to the pillars. It all came together so beautifully Alh.

For those of you who know me well, you know I love lace beyond words. I think lace is so timeless and elegant and I can never get enough of it. Needless to say, I also fell in love with this dress just as I did with my Gatsby dress I wore the first night here. When will I ever have a chance to wear white/ivory to a wedding I thought, well, to a desi wedding of course! Since the bride traditionally wears red/gold, I was all set to wear the ivory dress. I wanted to let the beauty of the lace stand out by keeping everything else neutral with a tan colored long sleeve shirt, cream hijab and nude wedge heels . I also wore a red and gold tikka to add just a bit of color. I'm a very matchy matchy person, and finding the right shades for this dress just like the Gatsby dress wasn't as easy as the finished look makes it seem, but Alh it all worked out!

Check back soon for my post on ISNA this past weekend!

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