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Oct 22, 2016

MK Zubes Review

Hijab // Similar Top // Necklace // Pants // Coat // Heels

So this Hijab is very special to me for two reasons. First, I was gifted this hijab from Maham whom I had the pleasure of meeting at ISNA this year. She was such a down to earth, inspiring, hard working girl and I was so excited to be able to style this hijab for her to help get her newly created company's name out there. Secondly, Maham hand picked this hijab for me and told me the back story to it - she asked her dad to buy tassels for the hijabs when he was back in their home country, and she said that her dad went above and beyond and picked out tassels and had some of them died into various colors and matched with the hijabs all on his own. Everyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge daddies girl, so for that reason I was instantly in love with this hijab, I had to hold back tears when she told me the story because it reminded me of something my dad would do! I loveeee the tassels with the grid texture of the hijab, it's such a fun texture combo and I've already worn it numerous times!! Make sure you follow their Instagram or website linked above to stay up to date on everything MK Zubes!

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