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Oct 22, 2016

Mixing Textures

Salams, Hello, Howdy everyone! I know it's basically been a month since I last posted - my bad. Many of you know blogging is a side hobby for me, and although I wish I had more time for it, SO many other things are a priority in my life. I hope that everyone can understand that juggling a demanding full time career, as well as being dedicated to many other things along with blogging, gets hectic at times. Lately, I've been working on some personal goals and therefore have not had a chance to blog as much as I used to. I hope to get back in the swing of things, soon iA. I appreciate everyone who has been patient with me, and continues to show support in lieu of my sporadic posts and lack of consistency. You guys, are the real MVPs! 

Alright, now that that's done.. on to this post! In my posts I have started to hyper-link each item I'm wearing to the online listing so it's easier for people who want to purchase them vs. just saying what store they're from. For items that are older and are not available online, I will try to post similar or substitute items that would also look good with the outfit. I hope this is helpful for everyone :)

This look is one of my favorites because it is so comfortable. The jogger style pants and the big fluffy sweatshirt make me feel like I'm sitting in sweats- but still looks professional/chic enough to wear out or even to the office. I paired it with a tweed blazer - which I know kinda look chunky on top of the over-sized sweatshirt, but I didn't mind it! I also went for a mixed texture look since the top, pants, and blazer all had a different texture. And, of course, I had to throw on a hat! 

PS. I linked the shoes above to where I could find them online, however I purchased mine at Marshalls for $35.. gotta love Marshalls! Also, the top I'm wearing is from Target but I couldn't find it online. I just bought it so it may be available in stores and just not online yet. 

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